Courtesy of Black Book.

Courtesy of Black Book.

Wholesale cars and truck depreciation has continued to accelerate through the midpoint of December, as the seasonal slide continues to take effect, according to Black Book’s Dec. 11 Market Insights.

Overall average car wholesale values were down 0.64% last week, compared to 0.66% the week before. Overall truck values were down 0.65% last week, compared to 0.34% the week prior.

Within the car segment, near luxury, mid-size and premium sporty cars realized the highest depreciation, with values for the respective vehicles falling 0.92%, 0.78%, and 0.74%.

Within the truck segment, subcompact luxury, compact luxury, and mid-size luxury crossovers/SUVs, along with minivans claimed the highest weekly depreciation. Respectively, the segments' wholesale values dropped 1.02%, 0.98%, 1.21% and 1.21% from the week before, a reversal from two weeks ago, when all of these segments were below 0.25% depreciation.

Although overall depreciation is accelerating, two vehicle segments saw an improvement in performance this past week. Two weeks ago, subcompact cars and crossovers experienced the highest depreciation among all vehicle segments. This week wholesale values for these segments seems to be leveling out; subcompact car values declined 0.25%, the lowest rate among all car segments, while subcompact crossovers saw no change in value from the week prior.