Auction Academy’s has added the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance’s (IARA) CAR Certification to its two-year training curriculum, effective immediately, the academy has announced.

This move is a result of the IARA becoming a major sponsor of Auction Academy, according to the release.

“Adding the CAR Certification training to our two-year course of study is a significant milestone for Auction Academy, and we are grateful to IARA for its sponsorship and support,” said Penny Wanna, president of Auction Academy. “CAR Certification is the gold standard for automotive remarketers, and this training will be an invaluable part of our curriculum. It will not only enhance the students’ understanding of the remarketing process, but will elevate the sill set of our current and future class participants.

Students in the current Auction Academy class group will begin CAR Certification training during the fourth class session, which will be hosted by Chuck Redden of AutoTec, Tom Adams of Auction Insurance Agency, and Steve Demedicis of AutoCheck on Feb. 22-24.

Tony Long, IARA's executive director, will attend the session with Wanna to introduce the IARA Certificaiton course to the class.

Wanna, who is CAR Certified, will also provide proctored testing opportunities for anyone pursuing IARA CAR Certification by adding time slots to the two-year class groups and seminar series program agendas.