In 2014, Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico authored a study that confirmed how much data is left...

In 2014, Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico authored a study that confirmed how much data is left in vehicles before a handoff. The idea of a solution to resolve these data privacy issues for consumers and businesses sparked, and Privacy4Cars was born.

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Privacy4Cars announced that it has secured two patents, including one for a tool to remove privacy information from in-vehicle modules, that would otherwise remain stored in modern vehicles' systems after a handoff.

"By securing these two patents, Privacy4Cars has solidified itself as the clear leader and innovator in the vehicle privacy and security space," said Andrea Amico, Privacy4Cars founder & CEO. "Last year, more than four out of five cars were resold while still containing the personal information of the previous occupants. As regulations and litigation in this area continue to evolve, and as consumers become increasingly aware of the growing amount of personal information vehicles ingest, store, share, and leave exposed if not properly removed, automotive businesses that seek to efficiently secure this data and protect their customers while building compliance records can rely on Privacy4Cars' proprietary solutions."

Privacy4Cars's standard deletion tool has been adopted by companies in the automotive space including OEM captives, auto finance companies, fleets, auto insurance companies, dealerships, auto auctions, vehicle recovery agents, and vehicle inspection companies. The tool is available to consumers as an app and to businesses as a subscription service. Businesses can also use Privacy4Cars' software development kit to embed its data deletion solution into their existing apps.

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