ATLANTA – The world’s largest vehicle wholesale auction marketplace just got bigger with the release of the Simulcast multi-browser feature, which enables customers to enter a Simulcast sale on a Mac computer. This new advancement also gives customers the ability to attend a Simulcast sale on multiple browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari – whether they are using a PC or a Mac. In short, Simulcast’s new multi-browser capabilities give customers the flexibility to choose the type of computer and browser they prefer, custom-fitting their Simulcast experience.

“This new ability of Simulcast is in direct response to customer requests. We recognize that some of our customers are PC users; some of our customers are Mac users, and each customer has a different browser preference,” said Joe George, senior vice president of product development at Manheim. “Manheim’s Simulcast multi-browser feature expands our marketplace and allows us to better cater to each customer’s needs and wants, reinforcing our mission to offer convenient and easy access to the world’s largest used car marketplace anytime, anywhere and in any way they choose.”

Celebrating 10 years of success this year, Simulcast revolutionized the remarketing industry when it debuted in 2002. With an average of 13,000 dealerships attending a Manheim Simulcast sale every week, Simulcast now accounts for roughly 16 percent of Manheim’s sales.

This upgrade comes on the heels of two other major advancements in the Simulcast product line that occurred this year. Simulcast Everywhere, debuted at the 2012 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo, is a digital auction platform that seamlessly blends a live auction with an environment, meaning the vehicles, the buyers and the auctioneer can be located anywhere. The other recent upgrade, Simulcast AV Solution, offers customers enhanced video quality, with resolution improving more than 300 percent and video size increasing more than 200 percent.

To download the plug-ins needed to use Simulcast on multiple browsers, please visit