KAR Launches New Privacy Training Program for Employees
KAR Launches New Privacy Training Program for Employees

KAR Global has launched a new privacy training program for its employees, and plans to gradually deploy new privacy training modules in the coming months.

The interactive curricula is designed to engage employees with information that reinforce current best practices while familiarizing them with relevant laws and regulations, the company said. The company said it will deploy the modules developed under the guidance of KAR Global Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Bray and Chief Information Security Officer Leon Ravenna. 

With the program, the company also announced the company's new privacy mascot Privacy Pam, which is part of the new initiative.

The first Privacy Pam awareness module has launched globally to all KAR employees in conjunction with Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28, 2021. Forthcoming curricula topics include the difference between privacy and security, personal information, global privacy, maps, cookies, the cloud and mobile privacy.

“Digital marketplaces provide a lot of advantages for buyers and sellers in terms of speed, flexibility and reach, but there can be no compromise on customer trust or security,” said Bray. “Privacy isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s the minimum price of entry in the digital world. KAR has made meaningful investments in technology and staff to advance its information and data protection capabilities over the past several years. And as the growing patchwork of government and customer requirements continues to evolve, Privacy Pam will help ensure every KAR employee around the globe is aligned, aware and mobilized around this priority.”

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