BIRMINGHAM, AL – AuctionACCESS has successfully rolled out a string of auctions in Canada, beginning with ADESA Toronto. While ADESA’s U.S.-based auctions have long used AuctionACCESS, Toronto was the first of ADESA’s Canadian locations to come on board.

Jason Atley, general sales manager of ADESA Toronto and ADESA Kitchener, said the marketing effort started early. “We had marketing materials up a few weeks prior to the launch,” he said. “We had the AutoTec materials up, but we went beyond that. We have some balloon design people who created spectacular displays in the AutoTec colors.”

Going the extra mile helped ADESA Toronto communicate effectively with dealers at auction day. Communication was a key factor in ensuring that dealers understood what was going on.

“Once you explain it to them, everybody saw the value and wanted to participate,” Atley said. “Our dealer registration people did a great job.”

Atley believes another factor in ADESA Canada’s success in signing up dealers might be an inclination among Canadian dealers to embrace technological solutions.

“Here in Canada, you can’t really drive to six auctions,” he said. “It’s a day’s travel, maybe a flight. So our online and LiveBlock have always been popular. AuctionACCESS is just an extension of that," said Atley.

Some customers already had AuctionACCESS cards that they used at a Manheim auction, and were able to use them at the ADESA auction.

Atley has other promotions in the pipeline. “We got custom ball caps with the ADESA and AutoTec logos,” he said. “The deadline here for AuctionACCESS sign-up is May 31. At our June 1 auction, we’ll give out ball caps to everybody who has their new AuctionACCESS card.”

Currently, ADESA locations using AuctionACCESS are Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon. ADESA Canada continues to roll out AuctionACCESS at the rate of one location per week, and by the end of July all ADESA Canada locations will be using AuctionACCESS.

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