IRVINE, CA – Charlie Vogelheim, executive editor of the Kelley Blue Book and well-known auto industry leader will be departing the company on January 21. Vogelheim has accepted a key position at J.D. Power and Associates.

"I wasn't looking to leave Kelley Blue Book; it has been my home and family for nearly 20 years," said Vogelheim. "An opportunity presented itself that I just couldn't pass up."

Recruited by Bob Kelley, Vogelheim joined the company in 1985 as an editor of the Blue Book. Throughout the ‘90s he played an instrumental role in transforming the company's identity from a trade publishing company to an automotive information company. Vogelheim was also active in the development of the company's Web site>a>, now recognized as a leading automotive information site.

Details of his forthcoming position at J.D. Power will be disclosed later this month.