Manheim has integrated its Adjusted MMR into the AutoIMS inventory management platform, the company announced.

The Manheim Adjusted MMR is a wholesale vehicle valuation rating that includes aspects such as a vehicle’s AutoGrade condition, exterior color, mileage, and region.

“Adjusted MMR will also help consignors make remarketing decisions around channel disposition, reconditioning, and floor pricing that better reflect each specific vehicle’s attributes and value,” the company stated.

Independent dealers will also be able to utilize a new API from AutoIMS to access Adjusted MMR for vehicles in their auction platform.

This integration comes at a time when Manheim has continued to enhance the accuracy of its Adjusted MMR. Adjusted MMR is now better able to value vehicles with much higher or lower mileage than similar cars within the market.

Before these enhancements, a 2012 Honda Ridgeline with 31,000 miles had an MMR of $18,800. After the enhancements, that same vehicle has an MMR of $21,000, which Manheim noted is much closer to the vehicle’s recent $20,800 sale price.

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