<p><em>Screenshot from RMS Automotive website.</em></p>

RMS Automotive has launched the first phase of a remarketing platform intended to drive sales for BMW China and its more than 400 CPO-program-authorized dealerships, according to a company announcement.

This initial phase is one of three intended to roll out this year, as part of RMS Automotive’s platform deployment, the company added.

In the first phase, RMS Automotive will roll out a fully localized version of its transactional platform for the Chinese market, with in-market operational support from China-based Cox Automotive brands Jigzhengu and AutoStreets. Those two brands will facilitate inspections and pricing, along with physical open market auctions and vehicle logistics, respectively.

The second phase will integrate online “no sales” into physical auctions and will incorporate the automated pricing functionality for the platform, the company stated.

Lastly, in the third phase — which is expected to launch in October 2018 — RMS Automotive will introduce BMW China off-lease portfolio vehicles into the remarketing management system and incorporate post-sales payments and facilitation.

A few benefits that RMS Automotive expects for China from this platform will be transparency in company car vehicle status, the ability to influence and maintain BMW quality reconditioning procedures, and Beijing-based professionals to support the BMW remarketing team on a daily basis.