ADESA has launched a rewards program that allows its customers to earn points when they purchase qualifying vehicles and specialty units at physical ADESA auctions in the U.S. and through the company’s website.

Points earned through ADESA Rewards can be used toward buy fees on future eligible purchases, or converted toward the purchase of merchandise, travel, or gift cards, according to the company.

The rewards program will further encourage purchases through ADESA by rewarding bonus points to dealers that show an increased purchase history at ADESA.

To join the program, dealers can find access to the rewards program at the top of ADESA’s home page. A valid Auction Access number and current username and password will be required.

“We listened to our customers when we designed this program and created a simple way for customers to earn rewards. It allows them to get the most return on their purchase and the most value out of every ADESA transaction,” said Paul Lips, chief operating officer at ADESA. “By creating a reward program in which all our customers across all ADESA U.S. auction locations and online platforms can participate and earn points, we are creating a more consistent and transparent marketplace.”