The new DealShield Purchase Guarantee from Cox Automotive allows customers to return a vehicle – for any reason, at any Manheim operating location, for up to 21 days – and receive a guaranteed 100-percent refund of the purchase price and buyer’s fees. 



“DealShield provides a simple and efficient solution giving buyers peace of mind,” said Matt Trapp, senior director of adjacent growth for Cox Automotive and founder of DealShield. “Customers have asked us for an easy way to increase confidence in their purchases, while protecting them from the unknowns of vehicle sourcing, such as incorrectly estimating recon costs.”

DealShield Purchase Guarantee is designed to provide that solution, giving dealers increased confidence as they make quick decisions on sale-day purchases. With DealShield protection, a buyer can purchase the ability to return a vehicle for any reason for up to 21 days and 500 miles from the time of purchase, depending on the options they choose.

This revolutionary product is the only full-service return guarantee on the market, providing buyers with the opportunity to evaluate a vehicle on their own and make an informed decision about whether to keep or return it.

The DealShield guarantee can be added to most purchases, including approximately 97 percent of the vehicles that run through the auction lanes, the only exclusions being salvage vehicles, those with more than 250,000 miles, odometer discrepancies, 1995 or prior model year vehicles and those with a sale price that exceeds $100,000. Vehicles can be returned to any Manheim U.S. auction location hosting regular sales.

The DealShield Purchase Guarantee can be utilized by buyers in two ways. First DealShield can be added to as an individual purchase at the time of the sale to any eligible vehicle at any participating location. Second, the DealShield 360 Membership (DS360) is available to qualifying dealers who purchase more than 40 vehicles a year. It ensures that the Purchase Guarantee is automatically applied to each and every eligible purchased at one consistent rate across all vehicles for the ultimate in purchase peace of mind.

Customers can buy the Purchase Guarantee on auction sale days using the DealShield Station kiosk at auction, the DealShield App for iOS and Android devices, via computer at, or by contacting DealShield Customer Service at 1-855-246-5556 or  The DealShield Customer Service team can address questions Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., ET. Questions should be directed to DealShield Customer Service. DealShield Customer Service can share which vehicles are eligible for the guarantee, and information about DS360 memberships.