Three days of connectivity for remarketers. - Graphic: Bobit

Three days of connectivity for remarketers.

Graphic: Bobit

With the start of the Conference of Automotive Remarketing only three days away, last-minute registrants needing a last-minute reason to go can find one among these Top 10.

  1. Networking: Attending the conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals and experts and build connections among consignors, auctions and dealers.
  2. Education: For three days, you will have access to educational sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches in different formats, which can help you learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in vehicle remarketing.
  3. Industry insights: Attendees can gain economic analysis, market intelligence, and industry forecasts from experts and thought leaders.
  4. What’s new: The CAR exhibit hall provides a platform for vendors and exhibitors to showcase their latest products and services, including CRs, recon, auto transport, software, digital services, finance, insurance, and other support. This gives attendees the opportunity to see and learn about new solutions that can improve their operations.
  5. Collaboration: You will be able to collaborate with other industry professionals to share ideas, best practices, and strategies to improve your business operations.
  6. Professional development: CAR serves as a resource to connect attendees with remarketing training, certification, and professional development programs provided by the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance and Auction Academy.
  7. Benchmarking: Look out for benchmarks that apply to your business operations that reflect industry standards and best practices.
  8. Stay current: CAR keeps you up to date with the latest economic activity, industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies.
  9. Career advancement: You can expand your knowledge, network, and expertise, which could lead to career advancement opportunities.
  10. Engagement: CAR is a one-stop shop to learn, network, and engage with like-minded professionals while enjoying the dining and entertainment offerings of Las Vegas. And it all starts at the CAR host site, Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

[This news item includes content from ChatGPT that has been edited and modified].

The Conference of Automotive Remarketing, held in partnership with the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance and the National Auto Auction Association, be held March 28-30 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and includes a full agenda and exhibit hall spanning consignment, auction operations, industry economics and politics, auto transport, electric vehicles, digital technology, automotive recon, professional training, industry outlooks, and more.

And there is ample time to register onsite. Or now: CAR REGISTRATION HERE


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