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DAA Northwest

Pacific: Canadian Trucks Provide a Boost

Auctions in the Pacific Northwest and across the northern tier of the U.S. have seen a healthy influx of Canadian units over the past two years as a result of a softening economy in western Canada and a weak Canadian dollar.

KCI Kansas City Prepares to Celebrate 35 Years

KCI Kansas City prepares to celebrate its 35th Anniversary November 7. During the celebration, KCI will honor employees, hold a KCI Cares Charity Sale, and bring customers to the Midwest for the last promotional event of 2013.

Auction Academy Prepares for 2nd Session in Spokane

FRANKLIN, TN - Auction Academy’s inaugural class is preparing for its second training Session, set for July 16-18 in Spokane, Wash., to be held in conjunction with the Rock & Roll Sale at DAA Northwest.