KCI Kansas City prepares to celebrate its 35th Anniversary November 7. During the celebration, KCI will honor employees, hold a KCI Cares Charity Sale, and bring customers to the Midwest for the last promotional event of 2013. 

"Our staff and customers are excited and looking forward to this event," says Doug Doll, KCI Kansas City president. "This is our last big event of the year and we get to end it by celebrating 35 years of business. We will have plenty of fun, acknowledge loyal customers, honor our employees and raisemoney for a great charity." 

The celebration begins with KCI honoring employees reaching milestones in their careers with five, ten, fifteen and twenty-five years of service awards. Along with the employees, customers conducting business with KCI since 1978 will be acknowledged, receive a plaque and an Anniversary gift. 

Customers attending the sale will receive limited edition KCI Anniversary apparel and promotional items. At the conclusion of the sale, customers will enjoy an Italian catered lunch including pasta, sausage and peppers, garlic bread and salad. 

Along with its anniversary celebration, KCI will hold its final KCI Cares Charity Sale on November 7th featuring Camp Quality. Camp Quality is a local charity that provides a summer camping experience and year-round support for children with cancer. Customers and staff will have the opportunity to get involved by purchasing "Camp Quality Super Stars" at the front counter, by participating in a silent auction featuring hand-painted items from the children at the camp and purchasing charity items in the lanes. Customers may also donate money for every car sold and donations will be accepted in the auction lanes. 

"We are looking forward to this Charity Sale," Doll stated. "Our customers and staff have been very generous this year and my hopes are to raise a lot of money for these kids. When it comes to giving back to those less fortunate, we want to go above and beyond and make a difference in someone's life." 

Together with DAA Northwest, EPI El Paso, and DAA Seattle, KCI Kansas City is a member of the McConkey Auction Group. All three are ServNet auctions, powered by AuctionEDGE.

For more information, visit http://www.kciaa.com/