Preparing for EV Battery Fires | EV Adoption -- It's Complicated


All domestic brands but two had supply above the industry average at the start of September.

New-Vehicle Supply Grows Ahead of Potential Strike

The United Auto Workers contract with the Detroit Big 3 automakers expires Sept. 14 as new inventory remains 68% above last year's level.

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During an Aug. 23 presentation at a remarketing conference, Jeff Haltrecht, executive at...

Why Most Fleet Operations Are Not Ready for an EV Battery Fire

While the risks of an EV “thermal event” are far lower than gasoline tank fires, the rare occurrence can turn into an all-consuming catastrophe.

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Steve Greenfield, CEO of Automotive Ventures, recently spelled out such conflicting signals and...

Electric Vehicles Now Hit the Road Fork of Hype vs. Reality

All-electric vehicles will not be an all-or-nothing option as many market and technological factors will influence the course of fleet electrification.

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Sales to rental fleets saw a 101.6% increase, while sales to government fleets rose by 39%, and...

Recovering Fleet Sales Outpace Retail Sector

U.S. fleet sales for August were strong and reached levels for the month not seen since 2019.

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The average used-vehicle listing price began September lower than one month ago and was down 6%...

Used Vehicle Supply Drops on Strong Sales

The number of used vehicles for sale had been increasing after hitting a low point in March but that increase in inventory stalled in mid-July and into August, as sales unexpectedly picked up.

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Compared to August 2022, pickups, vans, and SUVs lost less than the industry, down 2.8%, 6.1%,...

Wholesale Used-Vehicle Prices and Sales Holding Steady

With sales slightly stronger than expected, tight supply, and prices at about 6% below last year, these factors are expected to prevent any substantial decline in wholesale prices through year-end.

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Effective immediately, this acquisition will combine RCG’s logistics under the ACERTUS brand.

ACERTUS Purchase of RCG Logistics Builds on Growth Strategy

The purchase will integrate RCG Logistics under the ACERTUS brand and is the fourth transaction for ACERTUS whose parent company MetroGistics previously acquired MetroTitle, Amerifleet, and McNutt.

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Whether you're a rental-service manager or a salesperson, you can differentiate yourself by...

A Customer View Deepens Understanding of 3 Core Business Points

An insider's perspective can become your biggest strength in automotive sales. Here's how to harness it.

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