Courtesy of Black Book.

Courtesy of Black Book.

In a reversal from the past several weeks, truck depreciation outpaced car depreciation during the first week of the New Year, according to Black Book’s Jan. 8 Market Insights report.

Overall, truck segment values declined by 0.66% last week, compared to 0.54% the week before. Compact vans saw the highest depreciation among all vehicles with the segment’s average wholesale value falling 1.70%. Minivans and small pickups also experienced some of the truck segment’s highest depreciation rates at 1.06% and 0.98%, respectively.

Sub-compact luxury crossovers experienced no change in its wholesale value last week. However, in the previous week, the segment registered the highest depreciation rate among all trucks at 1.38%.

Overall, car segment values decreased by 0.57% last week, compared to 0.78% the week before. Luxury cars experienced the highest depreciation rate at 1.10%. Near luxury and full-size cars followed close behind at 0.74% and 0.82%, respectively. Mid-size cars realized the lowest weekly depreciation at 0.22%.