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Small Vehicles Keeping Weekly Wholesale Values Stable

Low depreciation among sporty cars and small sedans and SUVs helped maintain weekly wholesale values at stable levels last week, according to Black Book’s Market Insights for July 16.

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Wholesale Market Sees Four Weeks of Stable Depreciation

Overall, car segment values decreased 0.34% last week, compared to 0.30% the week before. Truck segment values decreased 0.25% last week, the same decline the segment experienced the week before.

Small Cars and SUVs Drive Wholesale Values in June

The strongest segments through June were subcompact and sporty sedans. These segments both saw their values increase by over 1% through the month, at 1.4% and 1.2%, respectively.

Wholesale Values Remain Stable at Start of Summer

Wholesale values continued to see little change last week, although demand for sporty cars appears to be dwindling as the average value of that segment has begun to drop.

Sporty Car Values at Auction Enjoy Summer Boost

Sporty and luxury car depreciation improved last week, however, mid-size car depreciation offset the improvement experienced by those segments, according to Black Book’s June 25 Market Insights report.

Wholesale Values Dip to Four-Month Low

Wholesale vehicle values continued to dip last week, realizing the biggest declines of the past four months, according to Black Book’s June 18 Market Insights report.

Compact Vans, Crossovers Fare Best at May Auctions

Used compact vans and several categories of crossovers increased in value in wholesale sales, while luxury vehicles made up seven of the 10 lowest performing categories among 2013-2017 vehicles in May, according to Black Book.

Weekly Depreciation Rises as Summer Lull Approaches

Wholesale depreciation inched upward last week, as mid-size cars and luxury vehicles continue to see their prices at auction fall, according to Black Book’s June 11 Market Insights report.

Stable Used Market Lifts May Wholesale Values

Wholesale values held strong in May, registering a 112.9 in Black Book's Used Vehicle Retention Index. A stable used market, the company noted, kept values high during a month where wholesale values typically dip.

Luxury Vehicles Drive Weekly Depreciation

Depreciation for both cars and trucks were at higher levels than what’s been observed in the last few weeks, in large part due to the weak performance of luxury vehicles.