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Black Book

Volume-weighted, overall car and truck segments both showed signs of slowing down after 15 consecutive weeks of increases, with the overall market increasing by only 0.03% this past week (compared to 0.27% the prior week), according to Black Book’s recent Market Insights report.   

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Wholesale Values Continue Week-Over-Week Growth

Volume-weighted, wholesale values for overall car and truck segments both showed gains for the ninth week in a row, increasing 1.46% overall last week (compared to 1.45% the prior week).

Wholesale Prices Finish Strong in June

Wholesale market prices were strong for the last week of June, and were maintained by federal stimulus, together with still limited used-vehicle inventory.

Wholesale Market Show Signs of Recovery

Black Book’s latest COVID-19 Market Update found that while used vehicle values have continued to depreciate since the last week of March, the rate of depreciation has been significantly lower over the last two weeks.

Wholesale Market Continues to Depress

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact wholesale values for both cars and trucks, but sales rates have started to increase on the lanes, Black Book reported.