Chart courtesy of Black Book.

Chart courtesy of Black Book.

Small cars saw the biggest weekly fall in average wholesale value while small pickups saw the strongest retention last week, according to Black Book’s Nov. 13 Market Insights report.

Last week, subcompact cars depreciated by 1.01%, the highest segment and a reversal from the week before, when they had the lowest depreciation within the car segment at 0.16%.

However, depreciation among the rest of the vehicles in the car segment mostly stayed at similar levels or decreased. Overall, car segment car values decreased by 0.52%, compared to 0.60% the week before.

Truck values also saw a slight improvement, but essentially remained flat. Overall truck segment values decreased by 0.36%, compared to 0.40% the week before.

Small pickups led the pack in terms of retention; values for the segment were 0.59% higher than they were the week before. Meanwhile subcompact crossovers realized the highest fall in average wholesale value, seeing values decrease by 0.98% compared to the week before.