Black Book recently announced that its trade appraisal engine will now power NsightLive’s online trade appraisal tool, the company announced.

"In today's world of online-first research when shopping for a vehicle, it's critical for dealers to provide the most accurate trade appraisal possible in order to build a stronger, more trusting relationship with the customer," said Jared Kalfus, senior vice president of sales at Black Book. "We're excited to partner with NsightLive and we believe their pioneering online content engagement platform will be a game changer for both independent and franchised dealers."

NsightLive is a content engagement company that delivers leads to car dealers through the use of its live content platform. The company creates content experiences meant to increase customer engagement level, which the company notes, is an important factor when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction and lead conversions.

Its trade appraisal service, according to the company, provides a trade appraisal tool to independent auto dealers that might not otherwise have access to one. By partnering with Black Book, NsightLive’s trade appraisal tool will now be able to leverage Black Book’s data.