Photo of 2012-2014 Camry courtesy of Toyota.

Photo of 2012-2014 Camry courtesy of Toyota.

Smaller cars showed the highest depreciation levels in June, while SUVs, pickups, and vans showed relative strength in a used-car market that's now tilted toward larger, less fuel efficient vehicles.

Three car segments topped Black Book's monthly tracking report with the highest depreciation from May, including entry-level cars (4.7-percent decline to $10,425), compact cars (3.9-percent, $11,579), and entry mid-size cars (3.5-percent, $12,886).

Overall, vehicles from the 2009-2013 model years depreciated 1.6 percent during June compared to a 1.2-percent decline in May. Domestic cars fell 2.8 percent, while domestic trucks fell 0.8 percent. Import cars fell 2.4 percent, and import trucks fell 1 percent.

Stronger segments in the month included compact SUVs, mid-size pickups, and premium sporty cars with a 0.8-percent gain ($26,435), no gain or loss ($18,887) and 0.7-percent decline ($51,354) respectively.

"The disparity between car and truck depreciation has definitely shown itself over the last few months, driven largely by the hot demand for trucks throughout 2015," said Anil Goyal, Black Book's vice president of automotive valuation and analytics.

Full-size vans also showed relative strength at June auctions with passenger variants falling 0.2 percent to $20,362 and cargo models falling 0.3 percent to $20,524.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet