ATLANTA– To provide franchised dealers better access to Hyundai inventory, Hyundai Motor America (HMA) recently launched Hyundai Fastlane (, an platform that provides Hyundai franchised dealers with the first opportunity to purchase company cars, rental vehicles, and other high-quality inventory.

“Hyundai’s partnership with Manheim to create Hyundai Fastlane will offer our dealers a new and efficient resource for accessing high-quality Hyundai inventory,” said Dave Zuchowski, executive vice president of sales at Hyundai Motor America. “With Hyundai residual values at an all-time high, our vehicles provide dealers and customers with outstanding value throughout their lifetime.”

As demand for used vehicles continues to grow, Hyundai Fastlane will give franchised dealers the first look at top-quality inventory while making it easier to find the Hyundai vehicles they need in one convenient digital venue, eliminating the need to search multiple websites. 

“We’re very excited to expand our relationship with HMA by providing them with a digital solution that makes it easier for their franchised dealers to find the inventory they need whenever they need it,” said Joe George, senior vice president of digital and in-lane product development at Manheim. “Fastlane is already driving business results, and leveraging Manheim’s technologies to help our partners be even more successful has always been mission number one for us.”

Hyundai Fastlane also gives franchised dealers and rental partners a simple way to post, remarket and sell their own vehicles, exposing their inventory to a targeted and motivated group of buyers and giving Hyundai dealers the ability to search and buy from an even bigger selection of quality used vehicles. With Hyundai Fastlane, dealers are able to transact business more efficiently because they can buy and sell vehicles 24/7 and participate in monthly event sales.  

To further improve their online experience, dealers using Hyundai Fastlane also have access to Manheim’s suite of digital products and services, including the free Manheim app available on Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. 

For additional information and support, dealers are encouraged to contact Manheim’s Customer Care Department at 1-866-MANHEIM or The Manheim Customer Care team provides assistance in more than 170 languages.