LONGMONT, CO - Auction Genius announced a major addition to its Web-based auction solution: Access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports and Carfax Auction Quick Check is available to Auction Genius users for any vehicle on the run list or in the lanes. Buyers now have the information they need all on one screen to buy the right cars at the right price.

"Auction Genius puts the Carfax Report right there in front of me for every vehicle that rolls across the auction block," said Tim Gaylord, President of Gaylord Leasing. "That literally saves me thousands of dollars in potential bad buys."

Carfax-subscribing dealers using Auction Genius can view the vehicle's history simply by adding the Carfax window to their display. The Carfax information automatically updates as each car moves through the lane, or users also can manually select vehicles from run lists to check. Carfax Advantage Dealers have the added benefit of viewing unlimited Carfax Reports and Carfax Auction Quick Checks for vehicles in Auction Genius.

"Carfax information is a must-have for auction units," said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. "When buyers are better informed, they bid more aggressively and buy with an added level of confidence. Carfax and Auction Genius are committed to making sure our customers have the information they need to succeed."