CARMEL, IN - AuctionTrac's satellite-base, GPS technology system manages the ever-changing labor needs of wholesale used-vehicle operations.

According to Michael Newman, senior vice president of AuctionTrac, auctions can also utilize this technology to design an effective operations budget. "Hands down, the number one expense at auctions is operations-the cost to move cars around the property. AuctionTrac takes the guesswork out of it. Once you measure it, you can manage it."

AuctionTrac's advanced labor tracking assigns metrics to each step of the auction process, from pre-sale and post-sale to the unique employment needs of auction sale days. The same technology that makes AuctionTrac a leader in vehicle tracking allows the company to also increase employee efficiencies and reduces labor expenses.

Currently, 27 of ADESA's 70 auctions utilize AuctionTrac. "The AuctionTrac technology has generated a savings of 10 percent to 15 percent of lot labor costs at each of the sites where it has been implemented," said David Vignes, executive vice president of enterprise optimization for KAR. "We will continue to integrate this technology into our remaining auction locations throughout North America."

AuctionTrac's labor-tracking system includes a comprehensive on-site employee training program as well as ongoing online instruction tools. Once underway, AuctionTrac is able to produce robust reports almost immediately for labor tracking, accountability and productivity.