CARMEL, IN - ADESA recently welcomed customers to the company’s brand new auction facility in Las Vegas, located just 10 miles north of the famous Las Vegas strip.

“The new ADESA Las Vegas is simply amazing,” said ADESA President and CEO Tom Caruso. “Our goal was to build the best facility, recruit the best general manager and develop the best team of employees. We are excited by this opportunity to partner with national consigners and local dealers in the robust Las Vegas market.”

The evening before ADESA Las Vegas’ first sale, dealers were treated to a reception at the popular V Bar at the Venetian. Attendees enjoyed refreshments and received a gift bag of ADESA Las Vegas goods.

On sale day, showgirls in full attire greeted customers, who received an ADESA Las Vegas clipboard of the new auction’s lane lineup before a continental breakfast.

ADESA Las Vegas General Manager Tim Donohue welcomed guests to the new auction before officially kicking off the sale. Throughout the event, guests received discounts on upcoming buy and sell fees, gift cards and ADESA Las Vegas apparel.

“It was a wonderful opening event,” said Donohue. “Thank you to my team for all of their hard work, and thank you to our guests for supporting our first sale. I look forward to serving our customers at ADESA Las Vegas and can’t wait until the next sale.”

The auction will host a weekly sale every Thursday with a variety of vehicles from national consignors and local dealers. ADESA Las Vegas is located at 1000 E. Gowan Road, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89090. For more information, call (702) 800-8000.