OKLAHOMA CITY - WeGoLook.com features a unique community of over 7,000 nationwide "Lookers" who verify online auction items, properties or dates by traveling to the item's location and completing an onsite inspection report.

The "Looker" (background check verified) will take current photos, video, observe a working demonstration of the item, verify measurements, VIN, model numbers and more. Customers avoid costly surprises and do not become victims of fraud, misrepresentation or crime.

Shipping and delivery services are now available for transactions subject to fraud. The online consumer can dispatch a Looker to verify the item, watch the Seller pack the item and then deliver to a shipper such as UPS or Fed Ex in order to avoid bait-and-switch fraud.

WeGoLook will also arrange transport for verified items such as autos, animals, furniture, boats and more. Consumers no longer will hold their breath while waiting for an item that may be damaged or not shipped at all.

The verify and ship service is an extremely efficient way for consumers and business owners alike to save time and travel expenses by dispatching a local "Looker" to view the piece of heavy equipment, auto, antique or other item and then either deliver to a shipper or arrange transport. As more transactions occur via the internet there are more reported cases of fraud and non-shipment of items. Damaged items received by the buyer can last months in dispute. Online consumers can purchase and ship with confidence with WeGoLook.

Shipping Services Webview: www.wegolook.com/Shipping-and-Transportation.aspx.

About WeGoLook:

Established in 2010, WeGoLook.com is a provider of physical inspection services throughout the U.S. The privately-held company utilizes the services of licensed professionals, including notaries, process servers and home inspectors, to conduct independent observations and provide customers with a report and information they otherwise would not have access to. WeGoLook.com is based in Oklahoma City, OK