IRVINE, CA - To recognize strong partnerships and solid auction performance, Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) continues its Auction Recognition Program by acknowledging the best auctions in each of the following categories: Best retention, Best Fleet Lease Department, and Best Auction Overall.

In determining the winner in each category, all aspects of the liquidation process are taken into consideration, from the drop off process, title issues, recon, and customer service, to the sale of the vehicle and recovery rates.

This year the winners are as follows:

Best Auction Overall: ABC Birmingham

Vice President of ABC and owner of ABC Birmingham Jim Phillips along with General Manager Russ Sapp, Assistant General Manager Roy Caldwell, Fleet Coordinator Sherry Weaver, and Transportation Coordinator Nancy Waytus are a team that has built a solid blue print for a successful auction. This blue print along with teamwork is what makes them a great auction. It’s an attribute that has helped them consistently win the Best Overall Auction award for the third year in a row!

They excel by producing strong recovery rates, a 92.53 percent average book value, outstanding customer service in all aspects of the liquidation process, and are proactive in maintaining a successful partnership that benefits all parties concerned.

Best Retention: Manheim Darlington

Even with an aging portfolio and some rough, high mile vehicles Darlington ended the year at an impressive 93.50-percent average book value. General Manager Joey Hughes, Assistant General Manager Matt Laughridge along with the fleet department of Fleet Lease Supervisor Christy Moody and Fleet Lease Coordinator Christy Jeffords, worked hard throughout the year and truly earned the award for Best Retention in 2010. This auction continues to provide CPS an outstanding outlet for the liquidation of our vehicles with the excellent returns.

Congratulations to Manheim Darlington and their entire staff on a job well done.

Best Fleet Lease Department: Manheim Central Florida

Central Florida consistently strives to be the best in Fleet Lease by continually ensuring client satisfaction. Under the leadership of General Manager Butch Herdegen and Assistant General Manger Ellen Westpfahl, the Fleet Lease Department headed up by Fleet Lease Manager Chris Clute, works diligently as a team. This has been recognized by the Remarketer and the In House representative at CPS. The auction’s success has been attributed to their ability to secure vehicles in a timely manner with zero transportation issues, handle CPS procedures and changes without a glitch in the daily process, and assisted with the reduction of frivolous expenses all while protecting the collateral as much as possible. The entire team, from the Outside Coordinator Chris Laboto to the Inside Coordinator Kellie Moscoso and Business Manager Brian Fackler, communicate openly, guaranteeing our ability to sell the vehicles for the maximum value with minimal expense. This is Central Florida’s second time receiving this award all while maintaining 90.18 percent average book value for 2010.

This year, CPS is also acknowledging the efforts of the smaller simulcast sales by adding Best Retention and Best Fleet Lease Department for Simulcast Sales. These smaller volume sales handled via simulcast by a Remarketing manager.

Best Fleet Lease Department Simulcast: Manheim Portland

The fleet lease Department of Manheim Portland has been recognized by both the Remarketer and the In House liquidation representative at CPS. Under the leadership of General Manger Jim Mumford, Assistant General Manager Casey Holyk, and Fleet Lease Manger Josh Flack, the auction has proven that they can be relied upon to secure and protect CPS’s collateral. The auction sold 83 vehicles for us this year and produced an average book value of 93.00%. They have ensured that the vehicles are picked up and recondition to make sure we could sell the collateral on the designated sale date.

Best Retention Simulcast: Manheim Northstar

Even with a limited volume of 144 cars sold in 2010, Manheim Northstar managed to consistently produce great returns for our vehicles by achieving an average book value of 95.26 percent for the year. Thank you to Fleet Lease Manager Rod Dubbe, Fleet Lease Representative Christi Eichten, and Fleet Lease Inside Coordinator Jeanna Meyer and their entire staff for all the hard work and dedication committed to our account in 2010.