CARMEL, IN — ADESA announced the company has posted the official National Certification Standard (NCS) program Web icon of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) on the “Products and Services” page of

The “NAAA wholesale certification supporter” Web icon signifies to all who visit that the company’s auctions are implementing the NCS program, which was released January 1. According to the NAAA, the program implementation has been an ongoing process that will continue to be rolled out in stages during the next several weeks.

“At ADESA, we have readily embraced this uniform system for the wholesale certification of used vehicles,” said ADESA Executive Vice President of Operations and Finance Paul Lips, who also served on the committee that provided input for the NCS program. “We wanted to do more than just say we support the program; we wanted to show everyone who visits our website that we have fully embraced the National Certification Standard program throughout our organization.”

The NAAA NCS program employs a checklist of 48 basic criteria defining areas such as inspection, reconditioning and marketing. Designed to fit the needs of the industry’s wide range of vehicle types and consignors, the program offers three distinct levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

“This program is easy-to-use, and it is mutually beneficial for everyone—sellers, dealers, auctions. We, as an industry, now have a policy in place that not only creates uniform certification standards, but also sets the groundwork for better business practices across all channels.”