ATLANTA – For the first time, late-model, pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles remarketed by Mercedes-Benz Financial are excl The Hayward, CA Manheim location, which already hosts a blue-chip collection of year-round highline vehicle auctions, announced its newest partnership following a series of successful pilot sales events. Mercedes-Benz Financial selected to move its business to Manheim after "test driving" the company's San Francisco area facility for three months.

"Mercedes-Benz Financial only offers vehicles at select locations across the country," said Jesse D'Elena, West Region Manager, Auctions, Mercedes-Benz Financial. "In doing so, the auctions that partner with us have to perform at high levels in several areas. The team at Manheim San Francisco Bay did just this during our testing. And they continue to show solid results and provide us and our buying dealers with great service. We look to continue to strengthen this partnership in the future, as Northern California continues to be a key market for Mercedes-Benz Financial." The region remains one of the country's leading luxury vehicle markets, putting Manheim San Francisco Bay at the center of meeting the supply and demand needs for dealer buyers from the U.S. and abroad.

Mercedes-Benz Financial consigns a dynamic mix of vehicles through Manheim San Francisco, including desirable executive and other certified pre-owned models. During the first year of the partnership, the company anticipates offering close to 5,000 passenger cars and SUVs in-lane and online, including maximizing special sales events such as the popular online Manheim Monday.

"One of Manheim's unique strengths is our ability to deliver multi-channel sales events that generate maximum awareness and exceptional results for our strong buyer base," said Christopher Head, General Manager, Manheim San Francisco Bay. "Our team's priority is to deliver quality service to Mercedes-Benz Financial, while helping them drive enhanced vehicle value and increased sales."

Before the first official Mercedes-Benz Financial vehicle debuted in the lane, the Manheim San Francisco Bay team participated in comprehensive operations and distribution process training.

The next opportunity to view the latest collection of first-class Mercedes-Benz vehicles that cross the lane at Manheim San Francisco Bay is December 9, 2009. Buyers can also preview available Mercedes-Benz Financial inventory via's 24/7 'bid' or 'buy now' solution, For more information, contact site support at (866) 423-5678.