MT. ARLINGTON, NJ – Dave Sutton, general manager, auction sales & operations for VW Credit, Inc., has been appointed Vice President of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA).

As VP of IARA, Sutton will participate with the IARA Executive Committee, providing direction on and recommendations to the Board of Directors on a range of issues that relate to the association’s mission and strengthening of the remarketing industry.

“My highest priority is to increase consignor’s engagement levels. In too many companies, the remarketing function is a hidden jewel of an organization,” said Sutton. “My hope is through industry certification and consignors working through common issues we can escalate the impact we as remarketers make for our own companies and our industry. If you are involved, perhaps you can increase your engagement. If a consignor is not yet involved I hope they test the waters and attend a conference or reach out to an IARA member to find out more.”

Sutton has worked to coordinate the used-car strategies of VW, Audi, and VW Credit, and is currently responsible for North America auction logistics, sales, and technical operations for VW Credit. He also chairs the IARA standards committee.

“My professional development was accelerated thanks to my involvement with this organization. It is my pleasure to take on a larger role with the IARA,” said Sutton. “I am glad to have the opportunity to work with my colleagues across the industry to address the ongoing challenges we face in this dynamic area of the automotive business.”

From 1994-2004, Sutton worked as a business strategist with EDS, General Motors, IBM, Cadbury-Schweppes, and Volkswagen.