CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – After two very successful promotions in 2008, Sparkling City Auto Auction has unveiled plans for its first major promotion in 2009. Labeled "Spring Break Madness", the promotion will culminate on May 19, when the auction will hold drawings for two major prizes: an '09 Kawasaki Jet Ski, and a Bose Speaker System.

"We have planned this promotion to benefit all our buyers, both those who buy in the lane, and those who buy online," explained Sparkling City's owner Wade Walker.

Walker explained that beginning with the March 3rd sale, dealers in the lane qualify for the jet ski every time they buy or sell a vehicle. At the end of each week's sale, roll is called, and the dealer must be present to keep all entries for the day in the drawing. If a dealer isn't present at roll call, those entries are discarded and the dealer starts all over again.

Online buyers will also have a chance to win big at Sparkling City Auto Auction, notes Walker. Dealers buying online via PipelineSimulcast starting on March 3 will be entered into a drawing for a Bose Speaker System, with a high quality receiver. Buyers receive one entry for every vehicle purchased during the promotional period.

Walker anticipates a record number of entries for both drawings, as attendance and buying activity has been on the upswing at Sparkling City Auto Auction since the first of the year.

"We've been very pleased with the activity in the lanes since the first of the year, and have planned this promotion to build the momentum," said Walker. "We have learned that these kinds of promotions benefit our customers across the board: buyers are rewarded, sellers see increased activity in their lanes, and both online and in-lane customers have a chance to win the big prize. We're looking forward to our AmeriCredit sale on May 19, when the winning names will be drawn."