HOUSTON, TEXAS – AssetNation, Inc., a newly formed industrial online auction provider, has created a global marketplace that assembles online auction brands, including SalvageSale, SalvageSale Ltd (UK), and CapitalAssetSale.

“AssetNation gives us a platform to build upon the expertise we have garnered over the past nine years in the online auction space through SalvageSale and subsequent brands SalvageSale Ltd (UK) and CapitalAssetSale,” said Dan Parsley, CEO of AssetNation. “Our intent is to continue to add broader and deeper industrial & commercial asset expertise to better serve our customers.”

As part of the formation of AssetNation, the company has launched updated versions of its Web sites, www.SalvageSale.com, www.CapitalAssetSale.com, and www.SalvageSale.co.uk. Each Web site has improved functionality. For example, users will be able to search assets by geographic location or category. Each site’s home page will feature listings and tabbed browsing for auctions closing soon, the most active auctions, and the newest auctions posted to the site.

Another improvement to the site is the display of auction listings. Now, all listings have added features of video descriptions and Google Maps. Buyers can now choose among tabs for details of the product, the terms and conditions, and images of the product in an improved thumbnail format. Product listings will also indicate the number of bids placed for each item. Sellers will have a more organized platform to review their listings and the activity on each of their items.

The My Market section of the sites will have easier-to-access tabbed sections, according to AssetNation, and bidding within the My Market section is streamlined, allowing buyers to place bids easily under their Bid Activity tab. Blogs are another addition to the site. Each blog will be a forum to discuss trends in the industry and economy and share opportunities for growth. Successful auctions will also be highlighted to demonstrate how clients are successfully handling damaged, end-of-life, or idle assets.