BIRMINGHAM, AL – The first phase of AutoTec’s AuctionACCESS membership campaign has been successful. More than 200,000 new AuctionACCESS gold cards have been issued, according to AutoTec President and CEO Charles Redden.

“The response we got from dealers, reps, and auctions was just incredible,” Redden said.

AuctionACCESS connects dealerships and their authorized representatives to more than 190 wholesale auto auctions and online channels across North America, expanding their buying and selling opportunities. This year, the subscribing auction companies are paying the AuctionACCESS membership fee, so dealerships and individual representatives don’t have to pay anything to join or renew. The industry supports AuctionACCESS because the up-to-date information helps block curbstoners and prevent fraudulent purchases.

To ensure that security, Redden said the final step of placing issues — which essentially suspends access to the auctions — on those memberships that have not yet renewed is nearly complete.

“We gradually rolled out the non-renewal issues to minimize bottlenecks at the auctions, and it has worked very well,” Redden said. “To date, we have placed issues on 95% of the memberships that have not renewed. So, if you haven’t renewed your AuctionACCESS membership, you’ll need to contact dealer registration at your participating auction to renew in order to continue enjoying access to the automotive wholesale marketplace.”

The membership campaign was developed and implemented by Atlanta-based B-to-B advertising agency MLT Creative, which continues to handle marketing communications for AutoTec and AuctionACCESS.