ROBSTOWN, TEXAS – It was a standing-room-only crowd at a record-breaking sale that gathered around the block at Sparkling City Auto Auction on Aug. 26, as owner Wade Walker drew the winning entry for a brand new 2008 Ford Focus. After he called out the name, Carlos Felix stepped forward to claim the best prize he’d ever received as a result of an auction promotion.

“Not only was Carlos thrilled to learn that he was the winner, but I was really happy for him when I drew his name,” said Walker. “Carlos is great buyer and long-time customer at Sparkling City. He rarely misses a sale and is always in the arena bidding on vehicles. All of us at the auction were pleased that a customer like Carlos who has been so supportive and loyal over the years was the winner of the car.”

Walker explained that the promotion was started in May, and was based on dealer attendance as well as a dealer’s buying and selling activity. Dealers qualified for the drawing with every car they bought or sold. At the conclusion of the promotional period, hundreds of dealers had qualified for the drawing. An interesting twist to the promotion was the fact that the actual date for the drawing remained a mystery until the day when the drawing was held.

“This promotion has helped tremendously in keeping attendance up over the summer months, and since the dealers didn’t know exactly when the car would be given away, they didn’t want to miss a sale,” said Walker. “It has also drawn more buyers to the auction, with the result that sale prices remain strong at Sparkling City.”

Walker indicated that the promotion was so successful that he has planned another one for the next quarter, when the auction will give away an ’08 Polaris ATV valued at $10,000.