BIRMINGHAM, AL – AutoTec, the developer of AuctionACCESS, has launched a trilingual The Web site, including the myACCESS online account management tool, is now available in English, French, and Spanish.

“We’re seeing more and more dealers using myACCESS to manage their dealer information,” said Chuck Redden, president of AutoTec.” We felt that if your primary language is French, you should be able to manage your membership in French.”

Creating a multilingual Web site involved more than merely translating the existing English text.

“Support for internationalization (i18n) was added to AutoTec’s public Web sites with components from the widely used Apache Struts framework,” said Josh Hensley, software engineer and user interface architect for “This lets visitors perform real-time switching between languages with a single click of the mouse. It also makes it easier for us to support new languages in the future by simply plugging in new resource files. We don’t have to maintain a separate copy of the website for each language.”

One subtlety directly related to translation, was using Canadian French instead of European French, to better meet the needs of French-speaking dealers in Canada.