LAS VEGAS – As the first step in ServNet’s expansion plan for 2008, the ServNet Auction Group has added the Pittsburgh Independent Auto Auction (PIAA) to its network of premier independent auto auctions. ServNet President Keith Lelux made the announcement at the semiannual ServNet owner’s meeting held recently in Las Vegas.

“One of our goals this year is to identify the best independent auto auctions in markets not currently covered by one of our ServNet member auctions,” Lelux said. “D-A Auto Auction (now PIAA) is a great addition to the ServNet Auction Group. Through our affiliations with the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA), we have known the Angelicchio’s for years. As the incoming NAAA Vice President, Dave Angelicchio is on top of what’s good for his customers, his auction, and for the auto auction industry.”

Representing PIAA at the ServNet owner’s meeting was general manager and owner Dave Angelicchio.

The Pittsburgh Independent Auto Auction (PIAA), formerly known as D-A Auto Auction, has been a significant part of the Southwestern Pennsylvania automobile industry for more than 30 years. Founded in 1978 by Clo Angelicchio, D-A Auto Auction was the logical next step for the wholesaler who began auctioning factory vehicles at his reconditioning facility. The Angelicchio family owns and manages the 7-lane auction site, which includes a state of the art body shop and reconditioning facility, and offers 1,000+ vehicles each week for auction sale.

Located on 140 acres southeast of Pittsburgh in New Stanton, Pa., D-A Auto Auction recently changed its name to better define who they are and where they are located. The auction, now named the Pittsburgh Independent Auto Auction, services the entire metropolitan Pittsburgh market area and surrounding states.

The recent ServNet owner’s meeting held just prior to the Conference on Automotive Remarketing in Las Vegas, was the first to be facilitated by TPC Management. TPC was retained in January to oversee the management of the ServNet Auction Group.

TPC president and new ServNet CEO Pierre Pons presided over the meeting stating, “Expanding the ServNet geographic footprint was the first initiative we received from the Board of Directors. PIAA is one of several auctions we will add to the ServNet Auction Group this year.”