ATLANTA – Total Resource Auctions Texas Hobby, located in Houston, recently opened a new 55-acre facility to provide customers with added convenience through dedicated sales and staff. To mark the grand opening, the company held a sale on Feb. 5.

The grand opening sale featured more than 200 vehicles, with approximately 60 drivable, but damaged rental units.

“The demand for Total Resource Auctions’ services continues to grow, as evidenced by the opening of the new Texas Hobby facility,” said Bill Tiedemann, vice president and general manager of Total Resource Auctions. “Our first priority is our customers, and our goal is to accommodate them as well as possible.”

Total Resource Auctions Texas Hobby is located close to Manheim Texas Hobby (Texas Hobby Auto Auction). The new location, at 800 Brisbane, is on the site of the old Texas Hobby Auto Auction, which moved to its new location at 8215 Kopman, five years ago. Total Resource Auctions Texas Hobby features two lanes fully dedicated to running inoperable and damaged vehicles.

“We moved locations to better serve our Total Resource Auctions customers,” said Lance Liles, Total Resource Auctions Texas Hobby manager. “These customers’ needs are different from those of our wholesale customers, and we wanted to provide them with a location that would allow us to work with them individually. This new location allows us to better our customer service by offering more convenience.”

Sales at Total Resource Auctions Texas Hobby are held every Tuesday at 2 p.m.