ATLANTA - Manheim announced that it and co-defendants Live Global Bid and Adesa have asked the U.S. District Court to invalidate Auction Management Solutions’ (AMS) patent for OnLine Ringman based on its inherently ambiguous and subjective language that “the auctioneer manages the psychology of the auction, according to the company.

Manheim also intends to file motions to invalidate the AMS patent on several other grounds and to ask the Court to declare that Manheim does not practice AMS's patent, even if it were valid.

Manheim has also asked the Court to dismiss the AMS trademark and unfair competition claims and to have AMS pay attorneys’ fees for the cost of defending those merit-less claims.

Finally, to streamline the lawsuit and narrow the case to facilitate a quick decision, Manheim will ask the Court to approve an order that AMS is not infringing on Manheim’s patent, a counterclaim Manheim filed against AMS. This order will permit the Court to efficiently dispose of AMS’ claims while preserving Manheim’s right to appeal the ruling at the conclusion of the litigation.