CARMEL, IN – ADESA Southern Indiana, located in Edinburgh, Ind., recently held its 10th Anniversary Sale. The Race for the Cup promotional event involved selecting only a handful of dealers, chosen randomly through their bid badges, to participate. The task was to ride a child’s bike with training wheels the length of the auction arena. Protected with bike helmets and kneepads, the dealers — playing to win — got many laughs during the two-minute race.

Chris Walsh, ADESA Southern Indiana general manager, said, “The irony of the competition was having a dealer (Rodney Sizemore) who is also a professional racecar driver, win.” She added, “It was really a double-win kind of sale because the kids’ bikes that were used in the (ADESA promo) race were later donated to a children’s charity auction (sponsored by Brown County’s Community Outreach Program).”

ADESA Southern Indiana’s 10th Anniversary Sale drew 160 registered bidders, who helped make it a record sale for the auction — beating existing sales records from the past 18 months.