MT. LAUREL, N.J. – Automotive Resources International (ARI), a global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has expanded its upstream vehicle remarketing to include the sale of surplus vehicles.

ARI’s expanded program gives clients more tools to increase their sales to employees, which will save both time and the expense of selling through downstream channels. Now ARI will market surplus vehicles to employees as it does with its existing replacement employee sale program.

The program enables clients to target drivers first and then offer their surplus vehicles to all employees through ARIAutoDirect ( Clients can also sell direct to local vendors by giving them access to the Web site. They can price vehicles on a unit-by-unit basis or have ARI price the vehicle for them using its automated MV3 pricing system.

A posting on the ARIAutoDirect Web site includes a complete vehicle description and all order specification data. Clients can also request a complete inspection with digital photos as well as wholesale estimates accompany their posting.

Through powerful profiling functionality, ARIAutoDirect enables employees to set their individual criteria for models, mileage, or price range, and sends an e-mail as soon as a match is made. The system also offers employees multiple financing, warranty and transportation choices.

If no buyer is found for a vehicle slated for replacement, it is automatically picked up when the new unit is delivered. For surplus vehicles, clients can designate time periods for offering vehicles to employees. After the posting period, the client can opt to have vehicles automatically assigned for pickup or merely pulled from the site.

When notifying ARI to post upstream surplus vehicles, a client simply completes a notification on ARI insights, the company’s intelligent fleet management system, and ARI handles all the details. Clients get all the benefits of employee sales without any of the administration.