GAINESVILLE, GA – Through the beginning of May 2007, the used market for 2005-model-year vehicles continues to be very strong across the United States, according to Ricky Beggs, editor of Black Book. Reviewing the price history of 75 different models, 38 percent showed an increase in value since Feb. 1, while 29 percent depreciated $300 or less during this time period.

Imported and domestic trucks, vans, and SUVs showed the most strength, with 59 percent (24 of the 41 models) increasing in value. Narrowing the focus a bit, four micro segments went up in value, including compact pickups, mid-size pickups, full-size pickups, and full-size SUVs.

An additional four micro segments dropped in value less than $100, including sporty cars, mid-size SUVs, and passenger versions of mini-vans and full-size wagons.

Last year for the same time period, while looking at 2004-model-year vehicles, the market displayed similar stability with 42 percent of the vehicles depreciating less than $300 during the running three-month period, and three models increased in value, all members of the import truck, van, and SUV market segment, according to Black Book.