PORTLAND, OR – TitleAuctions Inc. is delivering an educational Webinar for credit unions titled Better Measurement, Better Results. The Webinar is the second free educational offering from TitleAuctions, targeted at helping credit unions earn higher sale prices for repos. The Webinar is delivered monthly at no cost to credit unions. In addition the company is making the same content available at conferences and chapter meetings nationwide.

“It's important that credit unions consistently measure their repo remarketing results using a few key industry benchmarks,” said Mark Coleman, TitleAuctions' president. "Many credit unions don't measure remarketing performance and, therefore, can't answer basic questions from their board or from auditors. Credit unions need to measure results, and then hold their remarketing providers accountable to perform."

The Webinar lasts about 30 minutes, and covers three key industry benchmarks that credit unions can use to measure remarketing results. Furthermore, the Webinar encourages credit unions to ask their remarketing providers tough questions, and then monitor and measure provider performance. Finally, the Webinar gives an optional overview of the services TitleAuctions provides.

In addition to Better Measurement, Better Results, TitleAuctions also offers a free Webinar to credit unions titled The Three "Rs" of Internet Remarketing, helping credit unions to understand the benefits and pitfalls of using the Internet to conduct retail sales of repos.