DEARBORN, MI - FordDirect has launched a new service that uses Internet technology to help dealers track their phone calls, measure results from their advertising campaigns, and train their salespeople.

FordDirect Call Track-10 provides dealerships 10 national toll-free numbers assigned to advertising media. As calls are generated by dealers' advertisements, they are recorded and logged with available demographic information real-time into a website and a dealer's lead management system.

Real-time tracking is made possible by a new Internet technology, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). VOIP converts voice to digits and sends them in packets over the Internet. Since this technology uses the Internet and software running on a PC, VOIP permits users to do such things as view caller demographic information in real-time as a call is received, redirect calls to other numbers, and tie in other computer programs for greater flexibility and efficiency.

Call Track-10 enables dealers to:

  • Identify who is on the phone before answering, with demographic information when available.

  • Maximize the effect of their advertising dollars by measuring where calls are coming from.

  • Use recorded calls to coach their sales team and improve their phone selling and service skills.

  • Feed customer data automatically into their CRM or lead manager, tracking every prospect from marketing source to sale without having to manually enter data.

    VOIP offers dealers another advantage, reduced cost. FordDirect is offering the Call Track- 10 service complete with VOIP technology to its dealers for just $499 per month, with no contract required.