BOCA RATON, FLBlack Book Online, the Internet-based vehicle appraisal service featured on more than 2,000 auto dealership Web sites, is now available in an upgraded version. The new Activator service was launched in early October with 14 pilot dealers and offers six additional features that create more leads and help dealers reach prospects.

Activator offers several features designed to improve response to consumers, enhance appointment scheduling, and extend communication with dealership prospects. These enhancements were not available with the original Black Book Online, product and now include:

  • Appointment Maker – Upon completion of the online appraisal process, customers can automatically schedule an appointment with the dealership. Black Book Online, verifies each appointment by phone with the dealership.

  • Safety Net – This assures that each prospect has an opportunity to speak with the dealership. Customers automatically receive follow-up e-mails regarding the trade appraisal and to set an appointment with the dealer to receive a trade offer and test-drive a car. Any customer who indicates they are ready to move forward will be automatically referred back to the dealer with a call from the Activator Safety Net Team.

  • E-Coupons – Activator comes with coupons attached to the appraisal and is e-mailed to customers. The coupons offer incentives to make an appointment, such as "Get Full Value for Your Trade," and can include dealership or manufacturer special offers. The e-mailed appraisal also includes links to the dealership's credit application and inventory pages.

  • Prospect Anywhere – Dealers can now take the Black Book Online, trade appraisal to tent sales, auto shows, or local shopping malls with a kiosk version of this tool.

  • Spanish Language Version – A Spanish language version of the trade appraisal service is also available with the Activator package.

  • Dashboard – This new feature reports program effectiveness each month.

    Activator is now available for general release nationwide. Current Black Book Online, dealership customers can upgrade to the new enhancements with no interruption in service. It is compatible with all major Web sites.