ATLANTA – Manheim has adopted the National Auto Auction Association’s (NAAA) National Arbitration Policy at all of its U.S. operating locations and will soon adopt these same standards at its locations in Canada.

The NAAA’s new policy was approved by the organization’s board of directors following its spring quad zone meeting. This policy closely parallels Manheim’s existing national arbitration policy in most critical areas.

"We believe the advantages of a unified industry policy – endorsed and embraced by the leaders of the remarketing industry – are significant," said David Munnikhuysen, Manheim’s vice president, reconditioning operations. "Our customers can expect the same arbitration process and standards at any location they visit. This avoids confusion, ensures overall consistency, and provides peace-of-mind to all parties involved."

Arbitration is conducted when there is a dispute surrounding the purchase of a vehicle at an operating location. Manheim’s arbitrator quickly resolves disputes on the operating location grounds, serving as a neutral, third party. The company is training all of its arbitration managers on the new policy to prepare them to communicate and respond to customer questions. The arbitration policy will be translated in multiple languages.