DELRAY BEACH, FL – FLD has formed a strategic alliance with Pacifico Marple Ford, one of Ford’s largest volume fleet dealers, which will enhance the dealership’s current fleet sales business and add the capability for employee sales.

Corporate fleet managers regularly order new fleets through a dealer. In order to get a state sales tax credit currently offered by a majority (38) of states, fleet managers must purchase their new fleet from the same dealer in which they sell their terminated inventory.

FLD will assist Pacifico and its clients in taking advantage of sales tax savings for company owned fleets. This relationship establishes a one-stop shop for clients of FLD and Pacifico to capitalize on sales tax savings and remarketing while purchasing new vehicles. This alliance will help the dealership finely tune its fleet business.

In each instance, FLD will price out the fleet manager’s inventory and offer Pacifico a trade-in value, keeping the sales tax savings value in mind. The fleet manager then buys its new fleet from the dealer with the value of its old fleet and the tax savings factored into the price of the new vehicle. This facilitates a more efficient process for Pacifico and its clients.