DELRAY BEACH, FL – FLD announced that business continued as normal while all client and employee activity was conducted from mirrored servers for 24 hours during its quarterly disaster preparedness system test.

FLD transferred 100 percent of all company activity to work off its redundancy servers in its New Jersey office for one full day. The company treated the test like an actual emergency situation. There were no reported client issues or interruptions of service during the full day of testing. FLD also has mirrored servers in Florida and California.

“We are ready for any emergency situation,” said Chief Information Officer Santiago Ramirez. “All of our systems have been tested and it is our hope to provide our customers a little piece of mind should this year’s hurricane season rival the last.”

As there are no regular schedules to natural disasters, FLD continually tests the integrity of its disaster preparedness program. The test took less than two hours to engage all systems to ensure their integrity. Due to an emergency strategy updated more than two years ago, FLD remains confident in its continued real-time operation from all mirrored servers.

No preparation can guarantee a building will be left standing after a hurricane, an earthquake, or any other natural disaster. However, FLD’s disaster preparedness system guarantees that client information is safe and accessible regardless of the physical state of the brick and mortar. Should there ever be a natural disaster, fire, or similar devastating event, FLD is prepared to continue normal operations.