NORTHBROOK, IL - Layne Weber, Donlen Corporation’s vice president of remarketing, will be a featured speaker at the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) Old Dominion Chapter’s Remarketing Symposium, to be held Jun. 8 at Manheim Auction’s Fredericksburg Auto Auction in Virginia.

Weber will address advances in remarketing technology, including employee purchase programs, electronic sales channels, and live auction simulcasts. As Vice President of Remarketing, Weber was a driving force as Donlen became the first fleet company to use IMS, Manheim Open, ADESA Open, VB2 online auctions, and eBay Motors to sell vehicles.

Weber will also discuss Donlen’s recently launched National Auction Index (NAI), which supports Donlen’s cutting-edge electronic vehicle pricing tools. Powered by AuctionNet, the NAI comprises more than 6.5 million annual vehicle transactions. Using this data, Donlen can provide for any vehicle an up-to-date Fair Market Value based on actual auction sales.

The symposium, which will address the current state of the remarketing industry, will also feature Tom Webb, Manheim’s executive director of industry analysis and chief economist, presenting trends in the used-vehicle market. In addition to the speakers’ seminars, attendees will receive a general overview of the auction process, tour the Manheim facility, and witness a live auction.