GAINESVILLE, GA - National Auto Research, publisher of the Black Book family of vehicle appraisal guides, has provided access to auction run lists on its PDA Xpress application. Subscribers to PDA Xpress will have the opportunity to purchase electronic access to run lists for Manheim, ADESA, and ServNet auctions. Run lists are currently available for all Manheim and ADESA auctions. Several ServNet auction run lists are also available, with a majority of the remaining locations coming on line by the end of the year. Once the run list has been downloaded and transferred to the subscriber’s PDA, they will be able to save each vehicle’s information and current value to their Quick list for fast retrieval. Users can adjust the Black Book values to reflect optional equipment. Mileage and regional adjustments will be automatically calculated by the program. Users will also have the capability to filter and sort the run lists by any of several criteria, and can load multiple run lists at one time.

“We’ve all been to auctions and seen buyers looking up vehicles in the lanes while they were bidding on a car. The auction run list feature of Black Book's PDA Xpress allows dealers to book out the vehicles they’re interested in before the auction starts and spend their time on sale day more productively. A dealer who is looking for a specific car, say, a particular low mileage 2005 sedan, can download the auctions he regularly attends into his PDA once a week, and set the filters to show him only those specific vehicles. The program will tell him which auction they are at, their lane and run number, details such as color and optional equipment, and will even calculate and display the current Black Book values,” said Bob Burnett, president of Black Book.