PORTLAND, OR – TitleAuctions Inc. announced that it is delivering an educational Webinar for credit unions titled The Three "R"s of Internet Remarketing. The Webinar is delivered monthly and is free of charge to credit unions. In addition the company is making the same content available through in-person presentations arranged with state leagues and regional chapters.

"Credit unions need to better understand what the Internet can and cannot do to improve their remarketing results," said Mark Coleman, CEO. "When used haphazardly, the Internet can be a real distraction. However, as an integral part of an overall remarketing strategy, the Internet can produce measurable improvements in collateral sales cycles and sale prices."

The Webinar lasts about 30 minutes, and touches on the resources required for effectively using the Internet to remarket collateral. In addition, the Webinar discusses some of the legal questions surrounding the Internet as a remarketing venue, as well as how an Internet-based program must fit within the unique culture of the credit union. Participating credit unions will receive a checklist of items to consider, as well as suggested resources for addressing checklist items.