AMHERST, NY – Onlane Inc. has announced that Remarketing Services of America Inc. (RSA), a business unit of the Lending Solutions Group of Fiserv, Inc., is joining with the firm to expand its upstream and Internet remarketing programs. Onlane provides customized Internet remarketing solutions designed to maximize returns for institutional sellers on a portfolio basis.

"Through our alliance with Onlane, RSA will provide clients with an additional opportunity to sell off-lease inventory upstream of the traditional dealer auction, while tapping into the large potential buyer market Onlane delivers. This can result in savings of several hundreds of dollars per vehicle in implicit depreciation and remarketing expense," said Patrick Calpin, RSA's director of lease maturity strategies.

Onlane markets to a national buyers pool through an online bidding process. Each vehicle listing is accompanied by an electronic condition report conducted by an independent inspector. Onlane also provides full post-sales support, including funds settlement, title transfer, and post-sale transportation as requested by purchasing dealers.

In addition to targeting Onlane's established pool of prospective purchasers, RSA and Onlane have established a preferred-dealer program with a dedicated RSA-branded Web site portal for dealers that have been loyal purchasers of RSA client vehicles. Every dealer registered with Onlane is assigned a dedicated account manager who maintains direct dealer contact, provides personal attention, ensures that individual inventory needs are met, and informs dealers of appropriate daily purchasing opportunities.

RSA also is impressed with the synergies that have been created between the company's existing remarketing processes and Onlane's enhanced upstream solution, according to Calpin.